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Welcome to the Sheffield Irregulars site!

Its been something of a hiatus for us at Sheffield Irregulars this year, especially online, but we held a successful IMP event again this year and we already have a date for next year: Saturday 22nd July 2012! Put it in your diaries, now!

We’ve still got an active presence on Facebook on the Sheffield Irregulars group, if you’d like to pop over and visit us there. Or you can get in touch with us via the comments of this post, or any other we add in the future and let us know what kind of painting you’re up to or what games you’re playing with the miniatures that you’re painting!

I must also mention our friends at Irregular Magazine, who continue to go from strength-to-strength having now published 10 quarterly issues of their magazine.  Many of the Sheffield Irregulars are also involved in producing or writing for Irregular Magazine, myself included and the latest issue can be downloaded as a PDF (or ZIPed PDF) free or charge.  All nine of the back issues are also still available to download, too.

I need to get back to my painting desk right now, as I have some Grey Knights that need some detail adding to them! But do feel free to say hello in the comments!


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